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The danger of moving in the Winter | Little Moves

As we write this post, we’re enjoying a rest from the record-breaking freezing temperatures that have chilled Toronto and the GTA this winter. It always amazes us how things are affected by a deep freeze, like your car riding rough because the slush never falls away from around the wheels, or your well-insulated home always feeling a little chilly.

While most people save their big house moves for warmer months, many people will attempt a smaller move, like into a condo or small office, at any time of year. After all, it’s not that much stuff, so it should be relatively easy.

But, if you do attempt moving in winter, especially a real chiller like this year, you should take extra precautions to avoid some of the dangers that you might face.

1. Slips and Falls

This is an obvious one, but still, one that many people ignore. Of course, the chances of slipping and falling on icy or snowy surfaces are much higher, but when you add the fact that you might be carrying something heavy, the resulting injuries can be much worse.

2. Beware the Dark

In the middle of summer, you can count on 14 hours (if you’re ready to go at 7:00 am!) of enough light to safely move. But, darkness can creep in on you pretty fast on a winter’s afternoon. Of course, the temptation is to finish the move, even in darkness, but that brings with it more risks of an accident.

3. Damage to Your Stuff

Even just ‘resting’ a heavy couch on a walkway in winter can damage it if that walkway is covered in salt.

4. Damage to Your Place

When you repeatedly track that salt, and the snow and ice that might cling to your shoes, into your new place, it can damage your flooring.

5. Chilled Movers

Whether you move on a relatively mild winter’s day or a sub-zero freeze-fest, your movers can suffer chills if they aren’t properly dressed. And it can happen whether they are over-dressed or under-dressed. You can avoid this one by encouraging everyone to dress in layers so they can adjust on-the-fly.

And you can avoid all the dangers of moving in winter, even a smaller move, by calling us here at Little Moves.

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