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Your Cottage-Closing Checklist

While it happens in the fall, Thanksgiving is the final long weekend of summer for most cottage owners. It’s the last chance to get together with family and while the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors.

Unless you keep your cottage open year-round, the only thing left to do after Thanksgiving is to close it down.

Here’s a checklist of tips for closing your cottage to make sure everything is as you expect it to be when you open it back up next spring.

1. Clean & Put Away

How would you clean and organize your cottage if you found at that the Queen was coming over for tea? That’s how you should clean and tidy your cottage before you leave for the winter.

Everything, from linens to board games, should be stored in cupboards, closets, drawers and/or boxes to protect them from dust, moisture and any critters that might get in.

Thoroughly clean and vacuum every room, especially the kitchen, including locking away any food stuffs you plan to leave.

2. Drain and Prep Your Plumbing System

Get rid of as much water as possible from your water pipes, toilet bowl and hot water tank. Remember to turn off your water pump. Add plumbing anti-freeze to all your sink drains and toilet bowls.

3. Store or Cover Outdoor Equipment & Furniture

If you don’t have a garage or storage shed, try putting your outdoor furniture, boats and other equipment under the cottage and/or porch, if possible. If not, make sure you lock everything and cover them with a solid tarpaulin.

4. Clear Your Eavestroughs

Even though the leaves haven’t stopped falling, keeping your eavestroughs as clean as possible will minimize the chance of a water backup and the damage it can cause.

One More Consideration:

If you have things like bicycles, barbecues and other sporting equipment that you don’t have a place for or that are particularly valuable, think about moving them home for safe keeping. If you don’t have a van, truck or trailer, Little Moves can help!



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