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The Hidden Costs of Even a Little DIY Move
March 27, 2018

How Little Moves can Make Home Renovations a Lot Easier

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With the cost of buying a new house still high in Toronto and the GTA. Many homeowners are opting for home renovations instead of moving. It’s a great idea because, when you decide to renovate and look at the possibilities. You might find that the home you’re in can be everything you want in a new home. So why move?

When Home Renovations Start to Feel Like a Bad Idea

A renovation can mean adding additional space to the home, like building on a new room or adding a top floor to a bungalow. Home renovations can also mean rebuilding existing rooms. Like a bathroom or kitchen to update their look and functionality.

Whether you’re adding on or upgrading what you have, if you’ve never done a home renovation. There’s one thing you can count on. It will be more disruptive than you first thought. And we mean even if you expected it to be very disruptive. It will probably still be worse than you think. There’s no way of predicting what home renovations of any kind will involve until you’re in the middle of it.

How Planning a Small Move can Help Your Renovations

If there is one thing you can do to help make a home renovations go more smoothly, it is to open up the space you’re renovating as much as possible. Trying to leave your furniture and belongings in place during a renovation not only means having to work around them, but there’s a good chance they’ll be damaged. At very least, they are going to get really dusty.

In cases where you have a full room of furniture, like in a bedroom while you expand it, it might be difficult to find a place elsewhere in your house to store a big bed, chest of drawers, night tables, armoires, etc..
Consider moving your furniture and belongings into storage for the duration of your renovation. Not only will you be able to work on the renovation without working around anything, but your your things will be well protected too.

Little Moves will not only help you move your furniture and belongings while you renovate, but we’ve got a suitable storage space for you too. Contact us to learn more.

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