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The Hidden Costs of Even a Little DIY Move

The disadvantages of a diy move | Little Moves

You might not realize it, but spring might be the time of year when you make more little moves than any other. Whether you’re moving the kids home from university, taking stuff up to the cottage or putting things into or out of storage, it all can happen in the spring.

And they are all moves that you can usually do yourself. But doing even little moves on your own can have a number of costs to it that you might not consider. While you might do the move yourself because of the ‘cost’ of hiring a moving company, think about hiring a moving company because of the cost of doing the move yourself.

4 Costs of a DIY Move

Among others, consider the following cost of DIY moves.

1. Effort & Time

Let’s say you’re moving some living room furniture to the cottage. If you don’t have a van or truck, you’ll have to find one, either borrowed or a rental. Then you’ll need to find the time to load it up, pay for the cost of gas to and from the cottage, and take the time to unload it.

2. Damage to Your Things

Sure you’re careful. But without the experience, equipment and accessories to properly protect whatever it is that you need to move, you run the risk of damaging it.

3. Hurting Yourself and/or Your Movers

This might be the worst cost of a DIY move. Especially when you’re pressed for time, moving even a small number of things can cause injury due to heavy lifting or falling when carrying something.

4. Wear & Tear on Your Vehicle

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, van, SUV or pick-up truck, you will always be tempted to squeeze things in, or even overload it, just to get the job done yourself. Even if you don’t scratch or dent the vehicle during the move, the wear and tear can mean increased maintenance and repair costs, and a shorter vehicle life.

DIY moving is not free or stress-free.

Get the peace-of-mind that comes with having professional movers take care of everything for you. Call us here at Little moves.

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