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More Times When You Should Consider a Small Moving Company

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If your idea of a moving company is one of big trucks and big moves, you might be doing way more of your own moving than you have to. But have you ever considered a small moving company?

There are times when you need to move something, or lots of things, but you decide to do it yourself because it’s not really a ‘move’. The problem is, considering the lower cost of little moves, and the fact that almost every move, large or small, ends up being more work than anyone bargained for, hiring a professional mover, even for smaller moves, can save you time, money and maybe even a sore back.

Here are just a few of those occasions when a little moving company can deliver big benefits.

1. Store Pick-Up

You finally found it. The one and only living room suite in the world for your home. It’s perfect. Except it’s at a little boutique showroom out of town and they don’t deliver.
So now you can start calling around to all your friends who have trucks, or truck rental companies, and then start figuring out how you’re actually going to move the furniture. Or you can hire a moving company that’s specialized in little moves, often for less than the cost of renting a truck for the weekend.

2. Staging Your Home

If you’re selling your home, you know the benefits of staging it. But today’s staging isn’t the ‘sprucing up’ it used to be. Instead, it can be like a complete home décor make over. Your choice is to either go back and forth to a storage unit umpteen times with yet another load of furniture, or higher a little mover to do the job. (and if you get one with connection to a self-storage company, you’ll save even more time, effort and money).

3. Seniors’ Residences

If you or a loved one are moving into a seniors’ or care home, you know you’re not going to be able to take all your belongings. But even the minimum can mean more than most people can easily move on their own without a truck or help.

The next time you have to move anything that won’t easily fit in your vehicle, think about using a specialized small moving company, like Little Moves! Call us to learn more.

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